As we all know, Valentine’s Day is this week. Everyone’s favorite “holiday” to scramble about trying to find someone to spend money on as a way to show affection.

            Honestly, I don’t see the point. Maybe it’s because like most of us, I have a habit of spending Valentine’s Day alone. Why should I try to find the most romantic gift to give to someone on a day deemed a “holiday” in the eyes of a capitalist industry?

            If you love someone, you should be showing them every day. Send her flowers on a random Tuesday or send him a cute message on his way to work. It is more about that feeling of joy and love you get when someone cares about you.

            Nowadays, we only care about what we can post. You see Instagram and Snapchat posts about who got what for Valentine’s Day because it’s popular. Post about the people you love other days, not just a day that you feel like you have to.

            I love flowers as much as the next girl—yellow roses and white lilies if anyone wanted to know since I don’t get them often—but I don’t want flowers because someone felt forced to get them for me on a holiday.

            I want to feel special and loved every day. Not just one stupid holiday that was only created by companies to make them money. Stop worrying about what’s popular and looks good. Cherish the people you love every day.

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