I haven’t been at Emporia State very long, but I have learned a lot. I have learned the school doesn’t really care about its students very much; especially those in the arts departments or at The Bulletin. I have decided to leave ESU. This will be the last “Vibing With Violet” piece.

When I started this semester, I had high hopes for this school. I had heard they had a great music program and had some talented music groups.

I also heard they had healthcare onsite with a small doctor’s office and therapy services for students.

Well, I learned pretty quickly about the massive budget cuts which, I’m sure, caused some of the problems the music department has.

One of the biggest problems is the lack of tutors; it took me six weeks to find a tutor and that was thanks to a friend who is not in the music department.

By that time, I was already incredibly behind.

The tutor I had was great, but unfortunately it was too late and there were only two tutors available in general.

They were also only available before noon. I do not blame the tutors for this; I blame the school for not hiring more.

Another issue with Emporia State is the Wellness Center. They are not much help when you have mental health issues to deal with. It is incredibly difficult to get an appointment with them.

I’m not sure if this is because they don’t have enough people working there or something else.         

The only redeeming quality about ESU that I have seen is The Bulletin, and I’m not saying that because I work here.

Honestly, I came into The Bulletin not thinking much of it because I had a bad outlook on most journalists and college news outlets.

 I had just applied for the job because it was convenient. However, I have learned so much while being here.

I have learned a lot about writing news stories versus opinion stories.

I learned about the high expectations The Bulletin has and keeps for its writers and pieces. They have some straight up wonderful people working there.

There are many people at The Bulletin I know I could count on for anything.

I can’t say the same for the rest of Emporia State.

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Goodbye! Get a life, you will not be missed.

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