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For many students, health insurance is not an optional expenditure. UnitedHealthcare, the insurance provider for student insurance plans through Emporia State, is now more expensive than ever. 

The coverage for a single student has spiked 114% from last year, making the fall semester cost $1,518 for a single domestic student. 

With no all-encompassing federal insurance policy, many Americans are left to fend for themselves in the private insurance market of competing premiums and hidden fees. 

Student insurance is supposed to be the somewhat more affordable version of a private healthcare plan and yet it continues to skyrocket in costs as it continues to cover less. 

Listed in UnitedHealthcare’s Summary of Benefits and Coverage, a simple fracture requiring crutches could cost you up to $780 out of pocket, almost half the cost of the initial plan. With a $500 deductible on top of an already increased insurance policy, many students may be left with no alternative but to accept more federal loan money to afford staying covered. 

The process of submitting a claim on your own can be daunting and complicated if you don’t have anyone experienced you can ask for advice. 

Claims can take up to 30 days to process and you are left to wonder how big a hit your bank account is going to take and how you’ll be left to pay for something you thought was covered, like a visit to the dentist or optometrist which often require separate and equally as expensive plans. 

With rising costs and decreasing benefits, the list of what student insurance doesn’t cover is longer now than what it does cover. When we are forced to cough up the money, sometimes literally, we should ask ourselves what it really is we’re paying for. 

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