Amy Coney Barrett was sworn into being the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court for the United States Monday evening. Of course, merely before a week from election day. All I can ask is - why Barrett?

She was only the United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit for only three years. She only has three years of experience as a judge. Why Barrett? 

Sure, Barrett is a woman. However, she is a woman that does not stand for me nor my friends. Barrett is Catholic, which I respect entirely, but I do not respect inflicting religious views upon cases. Where is the separation between religion and law? There is a difference between dogma and law. Does this not violate the first amendment, to which Barrett could not even name the five freedoms?

Religion, speech, press, assembly and petition. 

In 2006, Barrett and her husband signed an advertisement that stated Roe v. Wade to be barbaric. While she takes Justice Ginsburg’s place, Barrett could easily take us back five decades and erase all the hard work Ginsburg did to give women a choice on what to do with their own bodies. 

Barrett also made statements for citizens to believe that she is against the Affordable Care Act. The issue arises that would she remove ACA? Is she aware of the jeopardy that could happen? Nearly 20 million Americans would be at risk losing healthcare. 

She also declined nearly 40 times to answer questions about systemic racism, climate change and ruling abortion a capital offense punishable by the death penalty.Refusing to answer is equivocal. Declining to state a brief sentence is not going to settle with citizens who care. Given her known history of being anti-choice and creating a gray area between religion and law creates an unsettling feeling of what she could do in her new position of power.

All I can wonder is why Barrett among everyone else? 

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