To vote, or not to vote, that’s the question. Some say you should vote so your voice can be heard and so you can make an impact on who will win. Others argue your voice is never heard and your one vote won’t make a difference. I will say there are many reasons it feels like your voice doesn’t count.

When there are so many people in the U.S. and so many people in each state, it definitely feels like ‘How is your vote going to matter compared to the hundreds of others?’ One of the biggest problems is the money involved in the election.

The richest candidates or those with the most endorsements always seem to win. The candidates with little money don’t have as many advertisements, they don’t get to travel as much, and their voice isn’t as loud. Despite this, there are reasons to vote. Sometimes your voice actually can be heard, especially if there is a big selection of candidates that year.

For example, could you imagine the difference it would make if every student from Emporia State voted this year? We, as a school, could be the deciding factor in our city through the election for the board of education, and a major influence in the state through the election for the first congressional district. The biggest reason to vote is respect.

Regardless of whether or not you think your vote counts, it still means something on principle. There are many people who fought and are still fighting for our right to vote and voting is a way of honoring and respecting them.

When Election Day comes up, think about the candidates. Think about how it would affect each one would us, and, most importantly, think about those past and current soldiers fighting for our right to vote.

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