Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now the 46th President-elect and Vice President of the United States. The election was a close one, but I think the election was historic for recent history.

I experienced election anxiety in 2016 and 2020. The older I get, the more I realize how important politics is. I understand it can be exhausting to talk about, especially around big Presidential elections, but our lives are centered around politics. Just about everything is political, like human rights--not face masks.

Over the past week, I woke up every morning uncertain of what to expect. I remember waking up to see Michigan and Wisconsin flipped from red to blue. I cannot tell you how excited and hopeful I was to see other swing states go blue.

Then, Pennsylvania and Georgia flipped blue too. Most of my friends were so shocked to see the swing states lean red from in-person voting to turn blue from mail-in ballots. Toward the end of the election, suddenly everyone I knew became so divided between Trump and Biden.

I remember being a child watching the first few women run for President and Vice President, but now Harris is the first woman in the Executive Branch. Not only is she a woman, but as a Black woman of Indian heritage, she is a woman of color. I think we surpassed two major barriers - a woman of color - to shatter the glass ceiling that held women back.

Another thing that personally affected me was how many Native Americans we have in the government now. I feel so much joy seeing people who look like me represent districts and states in office.

The 2020 election to me only seems to be the biggest start in change, I cannot wait to see what the 2024 election can only hold.

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