It’s never a good feeling to feel so incredibly overwhelmed, but we have all been there and many of us are there right now. 

Do you know what makes it worse?

Looking on social media and seeing that everyone else is having a great day, week, or semester and are passing all of their classes with ease. 

I have often wondered how friends of mine always seem to be in a good mood. 

How could their lives always seem to be perfect?

How can they possibly keep up that contagious good mood? 

What I have found is that the key is in how we react to the little things. 

When we turn into adults it seems like everything turns from ‘get to do’ into ‘have to do’. 

We don’t “get to go shopping,” we “have to go to the grocery store.”

We don’t “get to read,” we “have to study.” 

We “have to” take a certain amount of credits.

Sometimes it even feels like spending time with friends becomes an obligation.

This is an easy mindset to fall into, especially when we’re busy, but we should try to remember why we started.

There was a time in my life I was eager to go to college and eager to join these clubs. 

We must remember this to keep us going. 

It’s important to realize when this negative mindset is becoming “typical” for you.            

And if you’re still struggling? 

Remember that relationships can make a big impact on us. 

That friend who seems to be enjoying life will rub off on you and make your day a bit brighter. 

But the same thing happens when others around us are negative. 

Just keep in mind that you make an impact on others’ moods as well.

After a lot of time our brains can become wired to see the bad things in life, and even when we know it, making a change can be really difficult on our own. 

If you need help curbing the negative mindset, or just a chance to vent, Emporia State offers free counseling services for students which can be helpful for this.

Try your best to work on positivity. There are a lot of ways to work on positivity so start small and be kind to yourself. 

Even if you don’t have something in your own closet, ESU offers business clothes for students at Corky’s Closet on campus. 

We all know how important it is to look our best for a job interview, but it doesn’t have to be any different for a typical day. 

When we make the extra effort to look our best most days, people notice more than it seems like they would. 

This doesn’t mean we have to be perfect, it just means a habit of looking your best can make a difference.

Have you ever ran into someone you know in public, and immediately wish you had put more effort into your appearance that day? It’s not a great feeling. 

Making a habit out of putting in the effort beforehand could be beneficial to how you feel as well.

Yet, wearing sneakers or dress shoes doesn’t change who you are. Feeling comfortable with yourself is the root of this idea. 

Self-confidence is more important than an article of clothing, or having your hair fixed. 

But dressing your best might just change the way you conduct yourself throughout the day. 

Give it a shot, and see if it gives you just the bit more confidence you needed to do that thing you have been feeling nervous to step up and do.

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