When I was younger, I was extremely interested in writing. I would spend hours writing my own books and stories for other people to enjoy. Go figure I now write for a newspaper. No one who knew me well was shocked.

However, it is often the least favorite thing to do for some people. I was once asked whether or not students should be required to write essays in classes or if English classes should be required at all in college.

My answer is yes.

I know that people struggle with it a lot. I really have had my fair share of helping people with essay writing. That’s even more of a reason to make it required. People will struggle. That is simply part of the learning process.

 Anyone who thinks they will never need to know how to write is wrong. Doctors write prescriptions. Lawyers write legal documents. Business CEOs write emails. Teachers write lesson plans and emails. Writing is a huge part of society whether we like it or not. With more of a technological basis, people use emails and texts a lot. However, if you don’t know how to write a basic email, you lose all of your credibility.

Writing is incredibly important. My boyfriend hates writing essays for class. He thinks that he should be able to focus on what he wants to write. While this is a good point, it’s not the proper way to set up a class. Often those essays that we hate so much teach us important aspects of writing that we need to learn.

It may not be the most interesting subject for you, but it is important. Learn those crucial skills and keep an open mind. You can always learn more.

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