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As a fairly small college campus, there are so many different forms of transportation to get from class to class. 

Some people drive, others walk and some ride their bikes. 

However, between bikers and drivers, you have to be careful and remember to share the road. 

So, to both bikers and drivers, here’s your reminder to not be a dick and share the road. 

I don’t know what it is, but people really don’t seem to understand that bikers are allowed to share the road with cars. 

It’s not like the speed limits across campus are that fast, so slowing down a little more for a biker shouldn’t be an issue, and neither should moving over enough when you pass one. 

Running a biker off the road can be a terrifying thing. For the driver, you’re probably angry at the biker and didn’t really what happens to the biker after you run them off the road. 

I can tell you from experience, it’s not a fun thing. When I was younger, my dad, sister and I used to race bikes, which required quite a bit of training. 

One day (thankfully I wasn’t there), my sister and dad got ran off the road by a car full of teenage boys. I cannot begin to express how frightening that is. 

Even with protective gear, the damage that can be done by driving a biker off the road can be so much more than you’d think. 

If you do happen to run someone off the road, please always check on them afterwards. 

Yes, they might yell at you (as they should), but checking on someone’s safety is more important than your pride. 

It’s also not that difficult to make sure you’re following the law, because when you don’t, you know you get a ticket. 

If you’re a biker, make sure you’re also following the rules. They’re there for your protection. 

All-in-all, keep a good look out not just for your stafety, but for the safety of fellow students and community members. 

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When I was on campus, I wished a car would hit me. Maybe don't write "share the road" so many times tho.

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