Keeping a positive mindset is a struggle for most people, especially since midterms just happened and students are stressed and ready to quit, but that could easily change.

Depression and being broke are not uncommon among college students. It would make sense that people who have left home for the first time, become thousands of dollars in debt, don’t have their parents help anymore and might not know a single person would be anxious. 

College students might also panic about deciding to change their major, not liking their classes or just not liking their schedule in general. However, there are many small things students can do to change that mindset.

Positivity is a mindset. It’s how you choose to perceive things. Instead of being upset that you have to take biology, remember what you are working for: a degree to (hopefully) get your dream job. 

Try thinking of at least three things that you are grateful for each day. You can write it down when it happens or later that night. You can even type it into your notes on your phone, which is typically easily accessible. You don’t even have to write it down necessarily, you can just try to think of three things that made you smile before going to bed. 

Instead of thinking about how you wish you were the person you idolize, think of five things you love about yourself. If you don’t like that idea try to compliment at least three people a day. It feels great to receive a compliment and it only takes something small like that to turn someone’s day around.

Also, instead of letting one bad thing ruin a day, try to be more aware about how it is only one moment. For example, instead of letting someone not holding the door open for you when your hands are full put you in a bad mood, just take a deep breath and think about all the good that happened that day. This doesn’t mean bad days don’t exist, because they very much do, they just aren’t every day. 

It also helps to think about what other people are going through. On campus everyone is a tired college student. Maybe that person is being rude because their grandparents were diagnosed with COVID, maybe they realized they won’t be able to pay tuition this coming semester and they are scared, maybe they are going through a break up, you just never know. 

College is a great experience. Instead of being upset that you miss your friends back home, you can think about how awesome your friends here are and how you can’t wait to take them home. 

This next one is a cliche, but maybe it helps; instead of saying you have to do this say you get to. You get to have a college education, how awesome is that? Think of all the small things that add up. 

Positivity is just a mindset that you have control over, so just try to let the good outweigh the bad.


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