About Us


The Bulletin is a news organization that operates within the framework of Emporia State University. However, The Bulletin does not receive any direct subsidy from the university, but pays its expenses through student fees and advertising revenue. Because The Bulletin is a non-profit organization, the money earned from advertising sales and student fees is used within the organization for maintenance, equipment upgrades and any other operation costs.


The Bulletin exists to serve as a newspaper for all enrolled students of Emporia State University and as an opportunity for students to gain experience in the newspaper field. Primarily, The Bulletin publishes news that concerns/affects ESU, its students, faculty and staff. The major emphasis of news and editorial content is on complete coverage of university events, reserving adequate space for the summarization of significant off-campus events. The Bulletin's number one priority is to report campus news in a timely and accurate manner, working to serve the students of Emporia State University, above news sources, advertisers, university officials, personal agendas, or any other influence.


The Bulletin's print edition is published on Thursdays throughout the school year, excluding days when classes are not in session. Each press run is 3,000 copies, which are distributed in every building on campus, not to exclude academic and administrative areas, social areas and/or the residence halls. In addition, The Bulletin provides copies to several area schools, other colleges/universities and distributes to many locations in the Emporia Community. The Bulletin's online content is updated throughout the week as needed. Supplements to The Bulletin will be printed as seen fit by the Editor-in-Chief. The editor takes into consideration budget costs, student need and experience for student journalists when considering supplements.