The baseball team’s new season started last Friday against Lubbock Christian, Southeastern Oklahoma State and Southwestern Oklahoma State.  

“Our team gets along really well,” said Eli Egger, assistant coach of the baseball team. “They like to hang out with each other both on and off the field. Our team has a chance to do really good things if we play the right way. They keep making improvement.”

The baseball team lost their first three games by 2-1, 3-2 and 14-4, according to Seth Wheeler, head coach. However, they’re confident about this season. 

“People have high expectations of us, and we embrace that we are trying to win,” Wheeler said. “That’s something we’ve done seven times in the last couple years. That’s our goal from there to make it original which we have done five times in a row, 13 in the last 15 years. From there, you just try and find a way to make it to the World Series.” 

During the team’s practice, the weather is cold and wet. They are not able to practicing outside.

“We have been inside a lot, but the interesting about that is we have a great indoor facility,” said Seth Wheeler, the head coach of the baseball team, “so we got to be kind of creative and we are challenging them. I think the guys are responding pretty well to that.” 

The team keeps practicing and improving for the season. The baseball team members really have a good relationship and love to work together.

“I think in every sport it actually just comes down to execution,” said Brian Grove, the senior second base player and economic major. “You can practice all you want, but when you get in to do a game, until you can execute what you practiced, you are not got to success anyway.”

The baseball team has strategies and working on improving their skills for the next game, according to Egger. 

 “We can pitch...and I think we are going to play good defense,” Wheeler said. “Tanner Cairns (senior pitcher) is 18 and three in his career here. He’s going to be an Emporia Hall of Famer. His first time out he was really good.  From there we have seven or eight guys we are really confident in.”

Next game will be at 12 p.m. and 3p.m. this Saturday and Sunday, Feb 9 and Feb. 10, in Emporia, Trusler sports complex.

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