Justin Brown, senior wide receiver, began his football career as a freshman in 2014, according to Emporia State athletics. In his first year of football, he touched the ball 23 times and averaged 15.5 yards per touch. 

As a freshman he learned valuable skills from older players, Brown said.

“I didn’t really set a goal (as a freshman),” said Brown. “I said I’m just gonna play my hardest everyday and just try to get better and learn from the older guys.”

Brown received MIAA Special Teams Player of The Week for blocking a potential game winning goal against Washburn on Oct. 27, and then caught the winning touchdown, according to ESU athletics.

“He’s also a captain,” said Garin Higgins, head coach. “That tells you why he’s a captain too.”

After the end of the 2017 season Brown had 192 receptions for 2,174 yards and 24 touchdowns overall, according to ESU athletics. 

This season, Brown currently has 59 received passes for a total of 623 yards, and four touchdowns. 

“If I did set any goals, I’m pretty sure I accomplished them,” Brown said.

Brown isn’t looking to end his football career yet. 

“My plan is to try to keep playing and see where I can get an opportunity and see where I can just keep getting better,” Brown said. 

Brown not only provides his athleticism and statistics to the Hornets, but love for his team as well.

“He is someone who cares about his teammates,” Higgins said.

Although Brown has high stats, he always contributes a positive attitude towards the team, according to Higgins.

“If he’s not getting the ball, his body language stays the same,” Higgins said.

Brown’s character is part of what makes him a great football player, Higgins said.

“He’s a player that isn’t selfish,” Higgins said. “He plays a position where there’s a tendency to be selfish because you want the football.” 

While Brown has performed well on the field, he performs just a good in the classroom.Brown is an 2017-2018 Earl W. Sauder Athletic Scholar, according to emporia.edu

“He’s a great kid, he handles his business off the field,” said Higgins.

The close family feeling if ESU football is important to him, Brown said.

“I really enjoy the coaches up here and I like how it’s more like a family instead of like a business,” Brown said.

 Brown’s teammates are one of his favorite parts of this football program.

“Everybody on the team is just so close, we really are all like brothers,” Brown said. 

Brown and the rest of ESU football will compete against University of Central Oklahoma at 2 p.m. this Saturday in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

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