Chloe Flynn, senior defender and self-proclaimed funny girl, made the choice to be away from her home in Dublin, Ireland for the past four years to attend school is Kansas. 

Most of Chloe Flynn’s fondest childhood memories involve soccer. Coming home from practice and having any one of her mother’s large meals waiting for her is something she often thinks about when she misses home. From a young age, both her and her family knew she had potential in the game. 

“Straight away we knew when the coach looked at her, he saw she had a spark,” said Michael Flynn, her father. 

Chloe Flynn would not be able to play soccer while earning an education had she stayed in Ireland. 

In the United States, she has the ability to play the game she loves, while also earning her degree. 

“I’ve only played one season with Emporia State, and then my senior season so it’s pretty exciting because last year we went to the National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament,” Chloe Flynn said. “It’s kind of like it set the standard for us, and for me, because I’ve never really been here on a losing team.” 

Even with the occasional homesickness, Chloe Flynn has passed up plane tickets home because she enjoys Emporia so much. 

The special place Emporia has in her heart is not only a result of her success as student-athlete, but because of the people here. 

“I played for like a really good club so people would travel four hours for practice, so you wouldn’t see them as much,” Chloe Flynn said. “You wouldn’t see your friends outside, but I see my friends in class and I see (them) in the evenings because we live so close.” 

At home and on the field, Chloe Flynn takes pride in her ability to not take life too seriously. She said that while she didn’t have a best friend on the team, she has a strong relationship with each player. She better enjoys the game in the United States compared to back home because of the close bond she has with her teammates. 

“I love thinking about Chloe,” said Daniela Cardona, senior midfielder. “Thinking about her makes me happy. She is so much fun and she is friends with everyone.” 

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