Emporia State athletes Carey McLeod and Brianna Schmitz qualified for the Division II National Championships which will be held this weekend at the Plaster Center in Pittsburg, Kansas.

    “I won the indoor pentathlon record at conference this year, and our 4x4 relay team got fourth at conference as well,” said Brianna Schmitz, graduate student and multi-events athlete.

    Schmitz is placed to be second in the nation for the women’s pentathlon.

    One goal for Schmitz was knowing that she made improvements from the following year.

    “I wanted to make it to the national meet, but I didn’t think I would have the marks that I do so far,” Schmitz said.

    Brianna has made her way up throughout her college track career.

    “Everything she has accomplished she has worked for,” said Steven Blocker, head track and field coach.

    “She is dedicated to the track. She is married to the track. She loves track and field and works so hard.”

    Carey McLeod, sophomore and long jumper, broke the ESU long jump record his first indoor meet. McLeod holds the long jump record of 25-0.125 (7.65m) which makes him third in the nation for men’s long jump, according to esuhornets.com 

    This is McLeod’s first year jumping indoor for the Hornets. After his first meet, he met the qualifications to jump in the national championship.

    “It was easy for me,” McLeod said. “It was also very fun. I’ve only jumped twice, and my first jump I qualified for natty’s (nationals).”

    McLeod has accomplished many things with the track and field team in his first indoor season.

    “Mentally, I’m strong and I am ready,” McLeod said. “That plays a lot with me being ready for nationals. I am more dependent on my mental ability rather than my physical abilities.”

    McLeod said he hopes to someday be on a bigger stage, and he will do what it takes to get there.

   “It’s a privilege I get to be at nationals representing Emporia State,” McLeod said.

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