For the next football season, Emporia State football coach Garin Higgins has announced they will be adding 25 high school players and five transfers to play football for the Hornets, according to ESU Athletics. 

“We got a lot of talent coming here in the fall which is always a very exciting thing to have going into fall camp,” said Austin Unterreiner, junior offensive lineman. “It will be a lot of fun watching these guys grow and hopefully become big time play makers for us in their career here at ESU.” 

Out of the thirty people who signed to play for the Hornets, 14 players are from Kansas, 12 from Oklahoma, three from Texas, and one from Florida, according to ESU Athletics. 

“With guys like Braxton and Landon leaving, we lost some playmakers, so it’s always a little nerve racking in those situations,” Unterreiner said. “At the same time, we have a lot of guys who can fill those shoes and that are hungry for the opportunity to do so. It will be exciting to see what we bring to the table this fall.” 

The Hornets added members in 12 positions, according to ESU Athletics. The Hornets added five receivers, two defensive linemen, two defensive ends, five offensive linemen, five linebackers, three safeties, two cornerbacks, one S-back, one quarterback, one running back, one punter and two classified as athlete. 

“Signing day was a very special time in my life,” said Jordan William, redshirt-freshman defensive lineman. “I was excited to start a new life at ESU. I signed May 6, 2018.” 

These thirty people are not the only ones who get to step on ESU’s field for the first-time next season. Several redshirts are also preparing for the fall season. 

“It’s going to be a wild feeling to step on the field next season and an amazing experience,” said Tyree King, redshirt freshmen wide receiver.

The Hornets will say goodbye to several senior players who graduate this year with an overall winning season of 8-4, according to ESU Athletics.  

“For next season, I can’t wait to play my role and do my part  to help us win games,” said Xavier Hall, redshirt-freshman defensive linebacker.

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