The crowd cheers after the Hornets score a touchdown last Thursday in Welch Stadium. The Hornets will play again on Saturday against Nebraska-Kearney. Photo by: Margaret Mellott

    The Hornets faced Pittsburg State last Thursday at home, tying the game in third quarter, but were defeated in the fourth quarter.

“We fought hard,” said Gary Woods II, junior linebacker. “We didn’t execute when we had the opportunities to.”

The Hornets started strong, with Landon Nault, senior running back, scoring a touchdown within first five minutes of the game. Soon after, PSU would follow with a 23 yard field goal making the score 7-3.

In the second quarter, PSU scored their second touchdown, putting them in the lead, 7-10.

Then, Justin Brown, senior wide receiver, scored a 19 yard pass from Braxton Marstall, senior quarterback, making the score 13-10 ESU, where it stayed for the rest of second quarter.

“We started off strong, and came up second half with a decent drive,” said Tyler Banta, junior left guard.

The Hornets did not score during the third quarter. PSU evened out the score with a 28 yard field goal, tying the game 13-13, where it would stay the rest of third quarter.

The Gorillas scored two touchdowns in the span of 19 seconds during the fourth quarter, making the score 13- 27.

PSU then ran a 7 yard touchdown, ending the game with a 13-34 ESU defeat at Welch Stadium.

“It was just a tough loss,” said Cole Baird, sophomore defensive back. “We didn’t execute in some areas, and it ended up costing us the game. They executed and we didn’t.”

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