The softball team huddles together during a game against Washburn Friday at the Trusler Sports Complex. The Hornets lost both games against the Ichabods and will have another home game Tuesday, April 10 against Newman University.

The Lady Hornets played last Friday and Saturday against Washburn University. They played two double headers for a total of four games. The Hornets ended up going 1-3 over the two days of playing.  

“The one thing we are really focused on the rest of this season is executing and scoring our base runners,” said senior infielder Hailey Cope. “Another big thing is that we have fun playing the game we love.”

The first game of the first double header was played on Friday.  This game got off to a slow start for both teams as neither one of them scored in the first three innings.  The Hornets ultimitely fell in the first game, 0-4.

Ending the second game of the day with another loss, the Hornets got off to a better start as they scored within the first three innings. However, the Hornets were again outscored on the offensive side as the Ichabods scored six runs in the first three innings.  

Both teams played very defensive games as there were no more runs the remainder of the game, the final score being 1-6.

The first of two games the following day proved to have similar results for the Hornets.  ESU got off to a rough start as Washburn scored eight points in the first two innings as the Hornets had another scoring drought that lasted the remainder of the game.  

The Ichabods’ eight points were the last points of the game as all runs scored were scored in the first two innings, ending the game, 0-8.

The Lady Hornets, however, would not give up despite adversity.  Scoring the first two runs of the final game, this game got off to a positive start.  

The Ichabods quickly responded in the bottom of the second inning, tying the game, 2-2.  Both teams were neck in neck the remainder of the game as they both went scoreless the third and fourth inning and both scored one run in the fifth inning.  

They continued this pattern into the sixth inning where they each scored three runs and into the seventh inning, in which they each scored one run. 

The Hornets prevailed in the eighth inning where they scored two final runs to end the game, victorious over Washburn, the final score being 9-7.

“We are working at finding consistency at the plate and stringing more hits together.” said senior utility player Annelise Rockley. “As many runs as we have scored on our defense, we need to come back with on offense.”

The Lady Hornets will be back in action today as they take on The University of Nebraska Kearney in Kearney, Nebraska. First pitch is at 12 p.m.

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