Emporia State announced a project for a new $3.2 million indoor-outdoor tennis complex last week.

Two ESU alumni and former tennis players, Greg Kossover and Ken Hush, presented several financial gifts to the university that will fund the complex. The project will be entirely privately funded.

“This project has been inspired by an elite group of donors who believe in the future of Emporia State University and our students,” said Shane Shivley, president of the Emporia State Foundation and Vice President for University Advancement, in an email.

“It is exciting to listen to the donors behind this project. They have credited our university for their professional successes and wish to give back to provide these same opportunities for our students today.”

Donors have committed to $2.1 million, with the two biggest donators being Kossover and Hush, Shively said.

“All of us within the Emporia State tennis community are extremely grateful to Mr. Kossover and Mr. Hush for their generous donations that will help make the Kossover Tennis Complex a reality,” said Marko Goles Babic, tennis coach.

“This complex will undoubtedly transform the sport of tennis in Emporia and allow the Emporia State tennis programs to reach new heights.”

The Kossover Family Tennis Complex will feature two new full sized indoor courts and four outdoor courts.

“Emporia State University will now have one of the best, state of the art, tennis facilities in all of Division II,” Babic said.

“This will give us the invaluable opportunity to play indoors during inclement weather, which is something I’m personally very grateful for.”

The complex will house the tennis team locker rooms, the coach’s office, a players’ lounge and a student-athlete study area.

“I think the new complex is a really exciting prospect for ESU tennis, and as a freshman I am excited to have those facilities during my following years here,” said Jessica Purdy, freshmen tennis player.

“The gifts from Ken Hush and Greg Kossover are really generous and will no doubt improve ESU tennis as a whole, seeing as we will have facilities to use both during the summer and winter.“

The complex will be located on the corner of Merchant Street and 18th Avenue. It is unknown when the project will be complete, according to Shivley.

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