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Leap of Faith Martial Arts teaches a self-defense class on Sept. 18 in the Student Recreation Center. Students learned self-defense skills, such as how to fight back when they are overwhelmed by another person 

Leap of Faith Martial Arts organized a self-defense workshop on Sept. 18 at the student recreation center. 

The workshop not only taught different self-defense techniques but focused on the importance of awareness. 

Madelynn Douglas, a trainer from the training academy, lead the workshop. She began with discussing basic knowledge of awareness and reactions to unexpected situations such as being attacked. 

“My goal is to educate anybody and everybody who listen about self-defense, it is super important to know that you can live your life without being afraid,” Douglas said. 

She explained the most sensitive parts of the body, kicking and punching techniques, other fighting methods, and the importance of carrying safety equipment for emergencies. There was also a special training included in this workshop to get out of the attacker’s grip which taught how people can free themselves if someone attacks them from back. 

“It is very important to educate yourself about self-defense,” said Ieva Zimmerman, senior psychology major. “Knowing where the vulnerable spots are on someone like face, thighs, neck and other spots were very helpful. I think we need to push more men coming to the session as there were no men in the session and it can happen to anyone even men.” 

Students left with knowledge of possible scenarios and how to mentally and physically be prepared for whatever comes their way. 

“It was empowering, it taught a lot about shifting dominance from the attacker to yourself,” said Chieko Zimmerman, junior elementary education major. “If you have a chance, try it.” 

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