The women's softball team went 1-1 against the University of Nebraska Kearney last weekend.

The first game started off to the Hornets’ advantage. They scored four runs in the top of the first inning and held the Lopers to just one run at the bottom of the first.

The second and third innings were defensive and neither team put a run on the board. The Lopers pressed their advantage in the fourth, scoring three runs to tie the game at 4-4.

The fifth inning was again scoreless for both sides, however, the Hornets again took the lead at the top of the sixth inning, scoring three more runs. The final run of the game was scored by the Lopers in the seventh inning, ending the game with a score of 7-5, Hornets.

The final game ended very low scoring for both teams. The beginning of the game was a defensive battle and both teams remained scoreless throughout the entirety of the first four innings. as both teams were scoreless throughout the hole of these innings.

Nebraska Kearney was the first on the board, scoring a run in the bottom of the fifth inning. They kept up their momentum and scored once more during the fifth.

ESU was unable to retaliate with a run of their own and the game ended, 0-2, with the Lopers taking the win.

“We are always trying to get better on defense my minimizing errors, but I think a focus is going to be to execute and get our runners in scoring position and in turn across the plate,” said Kathryn Norman, senior infielder.

The Hornets will be back in action this tonight against Southwest Baptist University at the Trusler Sports Complex in Emporia. The first pitch will be thrown at 12:30pm.

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