Destiny Ojigoh

Destiny Ojigoh, sophomore pitcher, throws the softball during practice yesterday at Trusler Sports Complex. Ojigoh, who was born in Canada, recently gained her U.S. citizenship with the help of her teammates who quizzed her on rides to games.

Destiny Ojigoh, sophomore pitcher, recently passed her citizenship test to live in the U.S. legally after being born in Canada. Ojiogoh said that with the help of her teammates, she was able to successfully pass the test to get in line to become a legal citizen.

“The test is 100 questions,” Ojiogoh said. “My teammates picked out random ones and had me answer them to help me study. They were quizzing me on the bus rides and in between games, and I’m really thankful for them.”

Ojiogoh moved to the U.S. when she was only a couple months old. After moving around the East Coast, she finally ended up in Kansas City, Missouri where she decided to attend Emporia State for college as well as to further pursue her passion for softball.

Ojiogoh said she originally began the process when she turned 18, but with the amount of people trying to become citizens right now, it took a long time. “It was a long and stressful process,” Ojiogoh said.

“I’m just happy I passed the test, that my teammates were able to help me, and that soon I’ll finally be an official citizen.”

Ojiogoh’s citizenship ceremony is May 21st. She will attend with her family and state her loyalty to the U.S., officially becoming a citizen

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