As Emporia State football gears up for their first game later today, so do the fans. From the tailgate, to chants, to completely decking out in all Hornet spirit wear, students are excited for the upcoming season. 

Ceanna Trice, senior organizational communications major, said that leading up to games, she likes to wish the players good luck to let them know she’ll be cheering for them. 

“I send text messages to my players,” Trice said. “I tell them ‘good luck, keep your head in the game. If you win, I’m proud of you and if you lose, I’m still proud of you’ just to let them know I’m still out there supporting (them).”

While supporting players can happen any day, K’Myah Carson, freshman business major, said that when game day comes, she likes to dress up. 

“The attire of the day has to be on point,” Carson said. “I will (have on)...face paint, cute custom t-shirt, no heels...I gotta dress in my hornet attire.”

Carson also said she enjoys going to tailgates.

“I will be attending the tailgates,” Carson said. “They already sent out the beer regulations for the event.”

At the beginning of the week, Jim Williams, vice president of student affairs, sent out an email to all students listing the rules and regulations of tailgating. 

The email stated, “Tailgating on the campus of Emporia State University is a privilege. Please help us continue this privilege by being aware of and following the policies listed (in the email).”

A few of policies are that 3.2 percent beer and cereal malt beverages are only allowed in marked areas, those drinks are only allowed in the original container that may not exceed 12 oz. and drinking games are strictly prohibited. The full list of rules can be found on the esuhornets website. 

Ultimately, Carson said she enjoys the games because they’re a time for students to bond and make memories.

“I like when everybody comes together (at tailgates), that’s when you have the most fun,” Carson said. “I try to encourage as many of my classmates, whether I know them or not, to come out, have a good time and bond (while) cheering our team on. That’s what makes it the most fun, that’s when you really build memories.”

The first home game will kick-off at 7 p.m. tonight against Pittsburg State. 

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