Ashlyn Lakin, freshman defender, kicks a far ball during the Turnpike Tussler against Washburn University on Saturday at the ESU Pitch field. The Hornets won 3-0, and have a current season record of 4-1-1, according to

Emporia State soccer faced Washburn University this past Sunday to win a 3-0 shutout. This is the third shutout for the Hornets this season.  

“I thought we really came out and played as a team overall,” Olivia Miller, sophomore left wing forward said. “We had urgency to win with it being the first home game and we were really pumped for that.”     

At 14 minutes, the Hornets made their first goal. Maria Walden, senior midfielder had sent a free kick into the net to give the Hornets the lead.  

“It was a real uplifter,” said Tanna Benefield, junior midfielder. “It happened pretty quickly as soon as we got one we knew we could keep going.”    

The Hornets extended their lead in the 30th minute, when Makayla Brady, freshman midfielder, sent a shot from the left side into the net. The goal put the Hornets up 2-0, before the end of the first half.  

“We played really good, everyone came out and did what they had to do, we played with intensity we were passing and did what we needed to do,” said Kennedy Hoffman, junior outside right midfielder 

55 minutes in, Aislinn Hughes, freshman forward, made a shot, landing the ball in the net. 

This added another goal to the Hornets lead, making the score 3-0. The rest of the game was a fight for possession of the ball, but the Hornets held the Ichabods off.  

“(The game) was really good,” Benefield said. “Everyone worked together on and off the field. There was an intensity about the game that you could just feel in the atmosphere when we came out we did what we had to do.”      

The Hornets will play next against University of Nebraska at Karney at 4 p.m. on Sept. 21 at home.


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