Emporia State’s Winter Guard said they are working hard and introducing new aspects, such as sabers, for their winter shows.

The Winter Guard is a flag and weapons team that performs during the Winter and beginning of Spring.

“We are putting together a whole traveling show for touring some high schools,” said Abby Brown, head captain and junior music education major. “Outside of that, we are prepping a routine to perform at halftime at two basketball games, and we will be participating in Emporia High’s Dance Extravaganza.”

The team has been practicing on the weekends and have three hour long practices during the night to prepare, according to Brown. 

“This team is a family that pushes you to ‘dream high, but toss higher,’” said Tiffany Sanders, junior elementary education major. “We are incorporating more weapons and props into the show, (and) bigger stunts with the equipment.”

Since this is their second year, the team wanted to tell a story through their performance, according to Jenn Woodworth, Winter Guard coach. 

“Awakening… (is) the theme of our main routine,” Brown said. “The song itself is “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. The lyrics from the song leads way to new beginnings and a sort of awakening throughout the song. The routine reflects that with props, colors, and our movements.”

They had some difficulties, such as working with the group and making them into one team, Woodworth said.

“I enjoy coaching them,” Woodworth said. “(The) exciting things about coaching them is to see their improvements (and) growth. I am looking forward to show it to the community at winter showcase.” 

They are performing during the halftime of the men’s basketball games on Feb. 16 and 23 at White Auditorium. The extravaganza is March 5 at Emporia High School. All the events are open to the public. 

“Our team is special because everyone is there to do what they love and make memories in our little family,” said Sarah Braddy, senior art therapy major. “We put our heart and soul into perfecting our performances because we love doing it and we want to share our love of Colorguard with the audience.”

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