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Emporia State’s women’s basketball point guard, Tre’Zure Jobe broke two school records on the all-time scoring list. Jobe, business administration graduate student, is now top five in scoring and steals in ESU history.  Jobe broke two school records on the all-time scoring list. Jobe is now top five in scoring and steals in ESU history.

The first record she reached was scoring 1,907 points and the second she reached was having 274 steals. 

“It’s kinda bittersweet,” Jobe said. “Those women that were already on that board, they were the faces of the program and, just to be put on the side, like up there with the greatest that came out of ESU, I mean it's bittersweet, but it kinda feels good.”

Jobe played for Wichita South in High School; ESU’s program found her and made her feel welcomed. Jobe said they showed up to her school’s showcase her sophomore year of high school that took place the day her stepfather passed away, which was very meaningful. 

She wasn’t recruited by current coach Toby Wynn, but by former coach, Jory Collins. However, Wynn would become her coach and wanted to let her know who he was and his style of coaching. He said she didn’t want to get too far from home and ESU was the place for her.

“Tre’Zure, very even keel. She's pretty emotionless all the time,” Wynn said. “She doesn’t ever get too high, she doesn’t ever get too low. She's very methodical in her approach, but at the same time she plays the game very aggressively too. On the defensive side, she was one of the best defenders in the league.” 

Jobe said she has been playing basketball since she was four years old. She was the first girl in her family, so her mom expected her to be a cheerleader or do dance. However, one day she was playing basketball outside with her brothers and cousin, and her cousin told her mom that Jobe was really good.

Wynn says off the court Jobe is super quiet and business oriented. He said she works a lot, officiates basketball games, has small business ventures on the side, and is a basketball junky.

Teammate Victoria Price, senior general studies major, says that Tre’Zure is very humble, a leader and the “rock” of the team. She said Jobe’s biggest strength is her ability to score at any point. 

Price and Jobe said they weren’t aware she was so close to beating the records, but now that they know Price and their fellow teammates will keep rooting for her. Jobe had a different perspective saying she just wants to make sure her team finishes business. 

“If it happens, that's great,” Jobe said. “My motive is just to continue to play as far as we can when it comes to post season and that's just really my focus.” 

This past weekend Jobe moved further up in the all-time lists. She is now third in scoring. 

The Hornets still have at least five guaranteed games left. They will play again at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday Feb. 23 in White Auditorium.

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