Women’s tennis

Victoria Mackova, freshman tennis player, swings to hit the ball back across the court Monday at George Milton Tennis Courts. The women’s tennis team has been training to prepare for their season.

   The Emporia State women’s tennis team is training hard this spring, according to Marko Goles Babic, interim tennis head coach. They have three freshmen on the team, and everyone is excited to start playing matches and gain valuable experience as a team.

   “We only played two matches in the fall and picked up two wins against Cowley and McPherson,” Goles Babic said. “My goal is for us to continue focusing on getting better every day as the season goes on. If we are able to do that, I am confident the results will take care of themselves.”

   Compared to last year, they have four new players on the team. This naturally means that there has been a learning curve when it comes to getting accustomed to college tennis, according to Goles Babic.

   However, everyone has been doing well and it showed in the match this past Saturday, Goles Babic said.

  “With us having so much time in between our matches in the fall and the spring, my biggest goal has been to avoid being repetitive and mix up what we do on the court in order to keep the players engaged day in and day out,” Goles Babic said.

   Karen Santiago Sanchez, freshman tennis player, said that the team looks to support each other throughout the season.

  “We are looking to win as many matches as we can, also support each other,” Santiago Sanchez said.

   Practices are hard sometimes, according to Santiago Sanchez. Now more so, because the season has started, but she always tries her best and stays positive, according to Santiago Sanchez.

   Silvana Caceres Cantuni, sophomore tennis player, said she also tries

to do her best.

  “I am always trying to push the whole team to give 100 percent in every practice and match,” Caceres said.

   The ESU women’s tennis team played Saturday at home against Rockhurst University.

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