Gov. Laura Kelly approved a bill Friday, April 5, to amend the statute regarding tests related to driving under the influence (DUI) violations.

HB 2104 was introduced by Rep. Fred Patton (R-Topeka) to the House Committee on Judiciary.

The bill clarifies that refusal to complete the necessary tests will result in suspension of the person’s driving privileges for one year, while test failure will lead to either a 30 day or one-year suspension. This includes testing blood, breath, urine or other bodily substance to determine if the suspect is under the influence.

The bill also removes the provision that a person operating or attempting to operate a vehicle in Kansas has given consent to DUI tests and refusal to complete the test is a traffic infraction.

The Kansas Judicial Council supported the bill after unanimous recommendations from the Council’s DUI Advisory Committee. HB 2104 had no opponents testify.

According to the Division of the Budget, there will be no fiscal effect from the bill.

Grant Heiman is a University of Kansas junior from Wichita majoring in journalism.

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