The Emporia Arts Council (EAC) is bringing Gary Mullen & The Works to perform “One Night of Queen" at 7 p.m. March 14 in the Granada Theatre. 

Gary Mullen & The Works is a Queen tribute band who work to recreate the sound and showmanship of the rock band. They are based in the United Kingdom and have been performing since 2000, according to their official website.

“One Night of Queen has been touring for about 20 years, from England, we have been wanting to get them here for quite some time,” said Dawn Young, EAC’s executive director.

Young is in charge of bringing performances to Emporia. Once a year she attends a three day conference with 60-80 showcases. After this, she comes back and chooses six to bring to Emporia. Young said she tries to offer a variety for all age groups to enjoy and figures Queen is multigenerational. 

“I think they can expect a lot of number one hits, made famous by Freddie Mercury,” Young said. “And I think they're gonna just be really engaged with the music and the artist, he puts on a phenomenal show, and I think everyone will leave not disappointed.”

EAC gets their funding from major sponsors, members and business donors. The cost of a performance can range from $10 thousand to $25 thousand. Amy Gonzales, marketing and members service coordinator for EAC, estimates this show to cost “a little more than 10 grand.” 

It also takes a lot of help to put on a show. EAC needs marketing, stage crews, volunteers, electricians, sometimes they have to provide instruments from Kansas City, a lighting crew, and they even have to do the performers' laundry.

“Some people don’t even realize the costumes- they need steamed, they need hemmed, they might have broken a button off the performance before, so I need someone who can sew here,” Young said. “Laundry – they need their laundry done because they are on the road all the time.” 

Volunteers might have to do three to ten loads of laundry for the performers’ and sometimes have to take them to their own house to ensure all of it gets done. 

“We try to give them that hometown feeling and hospitality so when they are here they enjoy their time and will remember us,” Young said.

The council also has art classes, galleries, and other performances to provide for the community. The next performances are Naturally 7, an audio pyrotechnics group, in April; Madagascar and the Little Mermaid, both in June.

Tickets are on sale now for “One Night of Queen” at $25 for adults and $12.50 for youth. All Emporia State and Flint Hills Technical College students get in free with a student ID because of the ESU’s special events board grant.

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