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Dylan Schneider, ASG elections commissioner and sophomore elementary education major, speaks to a group of students interested in running for ASG president, vice president or senator on Monday in Skyline. Potential candidates must get students to sign a petition in favor or pay $30 in order to run for senator.

With Associated Student Government elections coming up, Dylan Schneider, election commissioner and sophomore elementary education major, and ASG held information meetings this week for students interested in running.

Before a student can start campaigning, they must complete a petition, according to Schneider. Petitions are due by Feb. 15.

To run for senator, students must get 50 signatures or pay $30, president and vice president must have at least 15 percent of the student population’s signatures.

“Whatever college you’re running can only receive signatures from those in that same college,” Schneider said.

Amy Oelschlaeger, chair of senate operations committee and senior elementary education major, said to talk to people you might normally not.

“Get out (and) talk to people,” Oelschlaeger said. “Get the petitions (done) and once they get into campaigning, let them know what you want to represent once you’re in office.”

According to Michael Webb, ASG president and senior business administration major, running for ASG is important for students’ voices to be heard.

“We have a voice on this campus,” Webb said. “We have a bigger voice than a lot of other campuses do across the country.”

As for those planning to run for president and vice president, Webb said to learn the policies and focus on the first initiative while campaigning.

“Read policies, that’s my biggest recommendation,” Webb said. “There are a lot of business operations that are often overlooked when (candidacy is first announced). The first initiative is always, what ways can we better our programing or our outreach as ASG and that’s absolutely important and it’s something that we need to thinking about during the campaign.”

Elections will be held March 5-7 and final results will be announced on March 7.


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