As the Russian attack on Ukraine continues, news sources have kept Americans updated daily. Conversations on Emporia States campus related to the invasion are happening in classes, within peer groups and on social media. 

During their lunch breaks, students in the Memorial Union spoke about their thoughts and feelings related to the events that have occurred in Ukraine the past week. Students such as Ana Snell, junior psychology major, are watching the news closely to understand exactly what is happening. 

“I started doing some digging,” Snell said. “I went and looked at MPR, CBS, just to try and get some unbiased news articles as to what was going on because I was like, I have no idea.”

After looking at different news sites, Snell’s worries began to grow in anticipation of what may happen next.

“It was very disheartening,” Snell said. “It’s an unstable world right now in so many different ways. Culturally, ecologically we’re very unstable, and I’m concerned as to what this attack on Ukraine means for the rest of the world because Russia was very adamant that if anybody else intervenes, you know this is going to blow up into catastrophic proportions.” 

As to what kinds of catastrophic proportions could be coming, it’s hard to tell. Jadyn Rucker, sophomore business management major, is concerned about if the United States will get involved.

“I also have heard that Putin is coming out with things that we’ve never heard before and (in) the next few days he’s going to be releasing a video and so I think that’s going to be worrisome,” Rucker said. “I don’t know if it would lead to World War III or whatever, but I think that if we get too involved, we would go to war because of our connections with Russia.”

While students like Snell and Rucker are feeling more on edge, others predict that the tensions will fade as time passes. 

“I was doing a little bit of research of like opinions from people from Ukraine,” said Hunter Fesenmeyer, senior music education major. “They’ve been saying a lot of this stuff has been happening for years prior and media is just now getting ahold of it and it’s kind of getting a little worse. I’m thinking it’s going to kind of de-escalate into pretty much nothing after, you know, a month or so.”

While there may be some division on what students predict the outcome of this event will be, Jenni Johnson, sophomore elementary education major, is more focused on the remorse she feels for those caught in the middle. 

“The way that it’s happening is just so sad,” Johnson said. “To see all of the despair and the lives that are being affected because of someone wanting control and I just think that it’s crazy and it’s really sad that you have to see this.” 

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