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Since Corky’s Cupboard opened four years ago, they have supplied over 47,000 food items to students. This semester, in response to student requests, they have added a section of freezer items.

“We’ve had a lot of students express that they really appreciate the freezer items because they’re able to make more of a meal rather than just heating up soup out of a can,” said Katie Ollenburger, Community Hornets Coordinator and senior elementary education major. “They’re getting a more well-rounded meal throughout the day.”

The cupboard was created in 2014 to ensure that students have a place to get food, even when their budgets get tight. Students are able to visit the cupboard once a week and take two items from each of the six sections.

In addition to the new freezer item section, students can also choose from items like proteins and grains, meals and mixes, baking supplies, toiletries, fruits and vegetables, according to Munashe Manwendeza, student assistant and senior accounting major.

“It really helps supplement students because the budget can be really tight as a student and spending on groceries can cut into the budget for other things,” Manwendeza said. “So if you have this it kind of helps so you don’t have to worry about certain groceries.”

Although students are allowed 12 items, most students typically between six to eight items, according to Ollenburger. Protein and grains are taken faster than items from other sections.

Of the thousands of donated items since 2014, nearly 4,000 were donated during this semester, according to Manwendeza. Those donations come from the community, individuals and from the “Can the Bods” food drive held every fall.

The donations they receive aren’t always enough to sustain the cupboard, according to Corky’s Cupboard workers. To supplement, the cupboard works with the Kansas Food Bank and receives items from there, according to Ollenburger.

“We do have to pay a small amount for that but we get it at a discounted rate,” Ollenburger said.

They accept donations year-round and post a wish list on their website of items that they need.

Corky’s Cupboard is open from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. every Monday and Thursday and is located in Memorial Union room 147, according to their website.

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