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Members of the Student Advisory Council debated how they would take part in the "collective ask" for funds during Higher Education Day at the state legislature, and whether they would request additional funds for a specific purpose. 

Jordan Kiehl, KState’s student body president, said she was concerned about taking part in the "collective ask" for funding, without having a narrative or story to share. 

“One thing that I’ve always heard is ‘don’t just come back and keep asking for more money,’ they’re sick of all of us just coming back,” Kiehl said. “I think if we come up with a story, a better ask, of why the money is necessary, not only why we need it for universities but what it does in our counties, our state, that is the benefit that they need to see, that I don’t think they’ve gotten in the past.”

There was also discussion of whether to request additional funds, on top of the "collective ask," that would be for a specific, stated purpose. They discussed having the additional funding be for open educational resources, affirmative consent, or mental health services. 

Kiehl warned against asking for too much, because it might distract from the larger ask, she said. 

The "collective ask" will be on Feb. 7 at the Kansas State Capitol, in Topeka, during Higher Education Day, according to Fort Hays State student government website.

The Student Advisory Council will meet at the next Kansas Board of Regents meeting on Dec. 12 in Topeka, according to

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