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Brian Schrader, tenured professor of psychology, will continue being paid $73,735 for this academic year and is not scheduled to have any classes in the Spring semester. Schrader is still employed by the university, according to Human Resources.

Schrader was the center of a Bulletin investigation last semester, which told the story of an undergraduate student—called “Jane” for anonymity—who said she felt “hopeless” after the university’s response to her sexual assault complaint. 

Jane alleged that Schrader attempted to kiss her after taking her to a storage room on campus. Jane also said she was required by the university to sign an agreement that forbid her from talking to others about the case, or face discipline.

Schrader has not been on campus since March when administration said he was on administrative leave after announcing a second investigation.

“Not knowing Dr. Schrader’s status nor a timeline for resolution, I hadn’t assigned him to any classes when the spring schedule was posted,” said Jim Persinger, chair of psychology.

A second Title IX investigation for Schrader is still ongoing, according to Gwen Larson, assistant director of marketing and media relations.

Schrader and another professor, who left to take a different job, were the center of the Industrial Organizational part of the psychology department, according to            Persinger.

“We technically do not have, in our department, an IO psychologist,” Persinger said.

However, according to Persinger, every IO course will be covered by a qualified IO university professional.

“They’re being ‘adjunct-ed out’ is the best way to describe it,” Persinger said. “The IO program is alive and humming along. We added three people this year.”

There is not currently a search to fill either professor’s position, according to Persinger. However, if they do begin a search, it will be in January.

“In the cycle we could hire for a replacement for (the professor), it wouldn’t have been fruitful,” Persinger said. “We’re approaching the time where decisions will be made for positions that are open.”

Schrader is currently being paid more than he made last year, which was $71,937.

Schrader did not respond to The Bulletin’s requests for interviews. 

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